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On Vacation - Almost... Here it is 9:30 at night and I've come into work, to finish up a project or two, while husband and the kids are at the movies. I brought Ally with me and she is curled up at my feet, that is after she manically ran around the office, doing the "Indy." However, I've taken a few moments to cruise around my favorite blogs one last time and to post here. Last night I had a fun time picking out yarns for my almost Colinette Ab Fab Throw. I chose yarns in rich jewel tones. The majority of the yarns are Colinette, but I've also thrown in some Berroco and Noro. Of course I couldn't resist casting on. Here's a pic of the first few rows ~   I'm loving it! And here is the progress on the Simply Autumn Cardi ~  

That's the back and left front.

I have my my project suitcase nearly packed and it includes:

Sometime during my vacation week, I'm going to head over to Lofty Lou's for some fiber delight.

Take care my fiber friends. See you in a week.