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Wow! Nearly a week since I last posted. We had a really enjoyable 4th of July weekend. Friday night we took in Spiderman 2, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family. Good character development and great action scenes. I thought it was a well-rounded movie. Saturday I had to go into the office for about six hours (yuck), but I needed to get ahead on a couple of projects. Let's see, I'm about 26-28 years from retirement (heavy sigh). Sunday, after church, lunch out with friends, and my 4th of July celebration nap, we started getting ready for a block party. My daughter and her friend from across the street had been begging us parents for about a week to put together a party. So about 7 p.m. we rolled our bar-b-que over to the cul-de-sac and about six families showed up bringing picnic fare. I am ashamed to admit that I was very relunctant to get this party going, but I am so thankful that my daughter insisted because WE HAD A GREAT TIME! Monday we spent the day at the UC Davis Rec Pool. Here I am, or a reasonable facsimilie of me - HA! - floating around on our new floatation device. ~~~ I had a couple of knitting "NOOOOOOOOOO's" this weekend. The first was when I ran out of yarn for the Cape Bohemia 2 (photo wasn't worth posting; it looked like a yarn blob - kind of like me on the "flotation device" hehe. The LYS didn't have the correct color of Trendsetter Dune, so I had to order one more skein on-line. The second was when I couldn't find my other knitting needle for the fuzzy white and turquoise scarf (it's still MIA). I did bring my Wave/Shell Stole out of mothballs and was able to pick up the pattern with no problem. My stash is made up of many one- or two-skein wonders so I am wanting to pull together yarns to make a Colinette-esque throw similar to this: The Colinette formula is usually 3 different colors of mohair, 1 smooth aran wool, 1 cotton tape, 1 cotton chenille, and 2 different colors of a twisted chuncky wool = 8 different yarns. This should be a fun project, but I think I will bring my husband in on this when picking out the yarn as he has a great eye for color and texture.