AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 3:15:00 PM ----- BODY:
[cue Olympic theme music]

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this broadcast of The Yarny Olympics.

Tonight we'll look at some of the highlights from the games.

In the Opening Ceremonies, Knitti-me had the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch.

Now let's go over to the Yarnautic Center and check in on the Stash Diving Match.

Here we see Knitti-me taking her last dive for Gold.

She makes a clean entrance.

Yes! A perfect Dive. In Weight Lifting news, Daring Dan was able to come from behind to win the the Gold with this final lift. In Fencing, Scooby Sarah and Flyin' Ry went head to head in Needling. Wrestling got quite intense as Knitti-me and Flyin' Ry competed over the coveted skein of yarn. Now over to Track and Field. In the Shot Put, Knitti-me, the favorite coming into this competition makes a disappointing showing. Just inches short of winning the Gold. The high point of the Track and Field events was the 100m Dash to the Yarn Sale event. Knitti-me wins Gold! The final medal Ceremony. Knitti-me wins Gold in the All Around Stash Enhancement, Scooby Sarah Silver, and Flyin' Ry Bronze. This has been the Yarney Olympics 2004. Until next time, good night.