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An FO and a Confession~ First the FO: Here is my beautiful niece modeling the Needful Yarns Poncho. This is the second time I've knit this pattern. However, this time instead of knitting the back and front separately, I knitted it in the round. Good choice - the poncho seemed to fly off the needles (especially if you have four hours of uninterrupted knitting in the car). Forgive me, for I have sinned ~ now the confession: Last week as I was competing in the Stash Diving event of the Yarney Olympics, I came up with three skeins of yarn that happened to be the correct weight and gauge for the Needful Yarns Poncho. This particular stash dive happened to be into the yarn bin that had been relegated to the garage because of certain undesirable yarney characteristics. Yes, gentle readers, you can probably guess - this poncho was knit with an unworthy fiber. Red Heart Grande (GASP)! Please don't click away in disgust; I have truly repented. I will go into therapy, I will join the Acrylics Anonymous webring, I will crawl to my snobby local yarn store on my hands and knees and spend $200 for 6 skeins of yarn. Just don't banish me to knit blog oblivion, I beg you.