AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 1:34:00 PM ----- BODY:
Girl's Weekend Out! After work on Friday, I rushed home, threw my daughter and our suitcases in the car and squealed off into the sunset for a three hour trip down to my sister's (and mother's) town. My sister's oldest daughter was going to have her bridal shower the next day to which I was co-host. Sarah and I talked a bit on the way down and then put in the Harry Potter #4 book on tape. Of course on our trip there and back we did not finish the book and my daughter forbade me to listen to the story without her. So we've been listening in 20-minute increments on the way to school each day. We arrived at my mother's house around 9 p.m., hugged and chatted a bit. My mom was packing for her trip to Mexico the next day. She was going with a group from her church to go work at an orphanage down past Ensenada for a week or so. As a result she would be unable to attend my niece's shower. Despite staying up until 2 a.m. making final preparations, the shower was a tremendous success! The rest of the weekend we just flopped and hung out with my sister and her wonderful family, talking and eating, and sampling wine for the wedding. My sister and niece filled me in on many of the details for the wedding (four weeks away). It is going to be quite the grand affair. Sarah and I slept at my mom's house and Sunday morning we just relaxed and read our respective books (her - Harry Potter #5, me - The Plains of Passage from the Earth's Children Series) until Noon. Then we wandered over to my sister's and had lunch and hung out until it was time to head back to Sacramento. My mom is a true child of the depression and has saved everything! In some ways that is good, in others, it is ridiculous. Anyway, while staying at her place I found a few vintage sewing patterns. These patterns got a lot of use in the 60's. I love the stylized artwork. Of course none of these styles would ever work on my curvaceous frame. A little sampling from the 70's. My mom made me the outfit on the right with the suspenders in 5th grade. But my all-time favourites were these two patterns. I begged my mom to sew the long swirl skirt for me. My sister had the outfit on the far right of the right pattern made for her. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any photos of us wearing our new threads. Was knitting accomplished this weekend? Not really. Besides, I'm working on some top secret projects whose details will be withheld to protect the innocent (well, at least until recipient has taken possession of said secret project).