AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 8:17:00 AM ----- BODY:
Labours from my Labour Day Weekend First up, just for Bron, a frou frou scarf knit from a Bernat eyelash and some ribbon found in the recesses of my ELYS (Embarrasingly Large Yarn Stash) closet. Wouldn't Rosie the Riveter look stunning in this for a night out with the boys? Next up is Ubernatural from the new issue of Magkits. Actually, I should call it "Third Time's Charm" because it took me frogging twice before I got it right. In essence, I knit a sweater a day for three days! I love the simple neckline and raglan detailing. I placed buttonholes every twelve rows rather than every six rows. I still need to seam the sleeves, weave in ends and attach buttons. The buttons displayed in the photo are ones picked from the button stash. Hopefully, I can find two more buttons at the LYS, otherwise, I'll have to buy a whole new set. This was knit in a fabulous hand-dyed wool from Danette Taylor in her Hip Hop colourway. That's it Ladies and Gents. Now it's back to the Salt Mines for me.