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Random Thoughts A couple of blogging buddies have graciously taken me up on my offer to knit a pair of socks in exchange for a Knitti-me hand-knitted item - Woo Hoo! ~~ Work has been horrendous, as badcat Karin can attest to. We have both been held hostage in training meetings for three days; meanwhile, back at the desk, the In Box is about to topple over and the voice mail and email systems are about to crash due to unanswered messages. ~~~ My niece is having her bridal shower this weekend (of which I am co-hosting with my other niece - the bride's sister). I have been working on my Colinette-esque throw as a gift, but there is no way I'm going to finish it by Saturday. No money or time to buy a "regular" gift. Too bad I couldn't drape skeins of yarn over a coat tree to produce an Object d'Art for her new home. ~~~ About the Colinette-esque throw ~ Remember I had started it during my vacation in July? Well, I was having the hardest time dealing with the P2tog, three times, YO K1, five times and still getting the correct number stitches in the pattern repeat. Also, purling back across the row, the stitches were awkward... I finally realized that the pattern was wrong - not my knitting technique. I changes to K2tog, three times, YO K1, five times and now it works like a charm. Anyway, I started the whole throw over again. I've finished one whole repeat (out of 3 1/2) and am about half way into the next repeat. Progress pix soon. ~~~ Since, I'm realistically not going to finish the Colinette-esque throw this week, I'm going to knit on something else tonight; nice quick projects. ~~~ Work is overwhelming. Long hours; two steps forward, three steps back; where's this, where's that; will there ever be an end to this madness; is it all worth it? ~~~ Because of the afore-mentioned work madness, blogging will be sporatic at best. I will try to blog at least twice a week. There, now I've said it. ~~~ Nice, quick knit projects - that's the ticket. Instant gratification and a feeling of a job well done - something I don't get from work. ~~~ Husband had to pick up a body of a suicide victim today. She covered herself in lighter fluid and lit herself on fire in the driveway of her home. ~~~ Enough of my whining - I have a lot to be thankful for. Go hug your family today and tell them you love them.