AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:20:00 AM ----- BODY:
I can't afford another obsession...!!!! I innocently walked into The Bead Shoppe yesterday to spend a gift certificate given to me by my friend badcat Karin for my birthday last December. OOOHH Baby, what a playground of creativity and talk about instant gratification—look, braceletts! And here is my dear daughter wearing her bracelette in green to match her eyes. I also made a few stitch markers, but the photo didn't turn out, so will try again tomorrow. ~~~ I have a couple of WIPs - however, how many long rectangles can you stand to see... A fuzzy scarf knit from GGH Fee (the fuzz with slubs of gold metalic thread). Straight garter stitch, but the resulting fabric is very lush. Frou Frou to the MAX hey Bron? And here is a Multidirectional Scarf knit from some fantastic yarn given to me by my Secret Pal 1, Alison of the Blue Blog fame. This a 50% wool-21% Mohair-29% Nylon combo called Diadomina from Diakeito. It is a wonderfully soft yarn with a unique self-striping pattern. Thanks again Alison for introducing me to this great yarn!