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I've been Blissed! A few weeks ago I set up a couple of swaps with two blog buddies for hand-knit socks. Tifffany came through with a fun pair in eastery/spring colors (see September 24th post) and Bliss sent a pair of autumnal socks. See?! Bliss actually designed the pattern and called them "Flair for Marie Cuffed Socks." How cool is that?! She is now selling the pattern in her I Hide Yarn Boutique. Go on over and take a look. ~~~ I've got beading fever! I've been putting together stitch markers like nobody's business. And I'm not the only one, it looks like Catherine has the beading fever too. A couple of people have asked in Comments what I use for the actual marker. They are rubber, but not stretchy. I bought them at my LYS. I found a link at which shows the markers. Both my bosses just happen to have the same birthday, so I got out the old beads and whipped up a couple of bracelets. ~~~ From the Ally Archives: A favorite pastime.