AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 4:34:00 PM ----- BODY:
OK, so my sister is over the top getting ready for this wedding on Saturday. When sis calls, you can literally feel the manic vibes pulsing through the phone line. We were planning to travel down to my sister’s town (about 200 miles) after work tonight and be ready for wedding preparation duty first thing Friday morning. However, the car has been making some interesting noises lately. So I’ll be spending a good part of Friday morning at the mechanics getting about $400 worth of work done - then it’s off to sister’s. Needless to say, she’s freaking out because of our late arrival. In the meantime, I have to rush Ally to the vet to get her shots updated, hunt down her previous owner’s veterinarian and have them fax proof of spaying and go get her duly licensed in Sacramento county. Why the hurry? I came home last night to a nice little citation taped to my front door saying, "We’ve received a complaint that your dog runs the street without being leashed." We are in violation and have to get Ally licensed within three days. The neighbors who complained have about six dogs and a multitude of cats. For the most part they keep their menagerie well contained. Occasionally, they bring the whole pack of dogs out to their gated front yard to run around. I’ll just tell you right here and now, we always leash Ally when we go on walks and take her out for her constitutionals. However, little Miss Ally has a bad habit of shooting past us out the front door if there is anything of interest, like a yard full of dogs. Ally has always had a heart of a lion and feels that she is three hundred pounds of brute strength, "bring it on," she growls. Needless to say, she does not have good relations with others of her breed (after all, she’s a person – right?). So she runs over to the fence and gets the whole pack riled up. The owners come out and start yelling at the dogs (as if it would do any good) and yell at my son that he needs to control our dog. The next day a citation was on our door. When I have a gripe with a neighbor, I go to them first to see if we can resolve the issue. I would never go straight to the authorities – that’s a low blow. Yes, I know, we should have registered Ally months ago (it was always a back burner item), and she does occasionally get past us when we open the front door (but we always chase her down and retrieve her right away); however, I think these guys were way out of line. But I'll comply with the law. ~~~ Knitting: Wedding stole? Nope, nothing, – didn’t finish it – actually it’s ripped. I wasn’t digging it. I’m just going to have to let my "fluffy" arms hang out and hope that everybody will focus on my sexy shoes. I am working on a little something for my Secret Pal II. And I’m working on the endless parade of scarves. ~~~ My home computer died. It contracted a nasty virus. I will be taking it into the service department next week after all this wedding hub bub has died down. So no photos on the blog unless I can get a post or two in while at my sister’s house.