AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 1:35:00 PM ----- BODY:
The Wedding - Part 1 The wedding was held at a friend of the family’s “estate.” You entered the property, suituated on the King River, along a sweeping driveway through fruit orchards. The area around the house was landscaped with lovely walkways, gazebos and fountains, with wild turkeys and peacocks roaming free. A couple of years ago the owners had a small lake put in with beautiful waterfalls, a bridge arching over the water to a small island and row boats bobbing at the dock. Further along are the tennis courts and a fenced-in playground for small children. The ceremony took place in a grassy area between the house and tennis courts. Chairs for 230 were set up on two sides with rose petals scattered along the isle. Here are my precious grand neice (age 2) and nephew (age 4) as they walked down the aisle. And the proud father with his lovely daughter on his arm. A string quartet was situated off to the side playing beautiful classical music as the wedding party walked down the aisle The ceremony was truly beautiful. The minister gave a heartfelt message before performing the vows and exchange of rings. My other neice, who sings backup for John Tesh (don't laugh), sang The Lord's Prayer a cappella while the bride and groom took communion together. It was truly beautiful in it's simplicity. Here is my sister and brother-in-law flanking the bride and groom.