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On Sunday an idea that has been tumbling around in my brain for a couple of years finally came to BE. I started a crafter's group at church. I did not limit the group to only knitting (even though that's what I do), but opened it up to be inclusive of all crafts. We had about 12 ladies from ages 12 to 70-something, all working on projects from beaded cross-stitch to quilting. Not a bad start to this bi-monthly event. It was my goal to bring the generations together. In fact Katie, the woman in her 70’s, was a Home Ec teacher from way back and used to teach knitting and crocheting. She shared with me that she had a hard time reading the newer patterns, so I sat down and helped her “translate.” I’m sure she will be able to teach me a couple of tricks or skills down the road. I also spent the afternoon teaching a couple of women how to knit. Boy was that an experience. I nearly lost them at the cast on…but we prevailed and they were soon knitting away, albeit slowly and a bit awkwardly. I’ve been trying to think back to when I first learned to knit and whether I was awkward and “all thumbs” or not. I dabbled with knitting a bit as a kid and remember knitting an asymmetrical, lacy scarf (not intentionally- he!). But my true introduction to knitting was on my honeymoon and my mother-in-law taught me the ropes. I knitted one vest (very 80’s) and then put the needles down for about 18 years. I then picked up the needles again about two years ago. I don’t remember knitting being unwieldy for me, but came naturally. As I was watching my pupils at the craft group grappling with their needles, I couldn’t help but wonder - was it my teaching or their aptitude. I suppose as in all skill sets, some people have more natural ability than others, but in the end it is still a skill that can be learned. ~~~ Knitting News You may remember in July I started an Autumn Cardi knit from some fabulous hand-dyed yarn from Serendipity in South American. I had actually finished the back, the left front and half the right front. However, on further reflection, I was not too keen on the pattern. So it sat. Then I saw the Short 'n Chic Jacket in the Fall 2004 issue of Cast On magazine and thought that would be a great pattern for the Serendipity yarn. Along the bottom edge of the cardi, the pattern called for a lace pattern. The lace looked like crap with the yarn, so I ripped out and knit it in straight stockinet. Here she is with the back nearly completed. Sleeves will be next and then the collar. It’s a pretty fast knit, especially while knitting pure stocking stitch while watching The Incredibles at the theater (you’ve got to see this movie; it’s hilarious!). I should see myself on Sleeve Island tonight if I can get the back done during lunch today. ~~~ From the Ally Archives