AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Fitness and Humiliation DATE: 3:33:00 PM ----- BODY:
I showed up to my orientation at the Family Fitness Center on Saturday all decked out in my sweat suit, terry cloth towel, and blindingly white tennies (I decided to forego the terry cloth headband). I was hoping to have a Greek god for a trainer but ended up with a wiry little guy who was young enough to be my son (eek!). After giving me a general overview of the program, he took me upstairs to demonstrate the various torture devises. Wow, the cardio machines have certainly come a long way. Now you plug in your age and weight, hold on tight and the machine gives your heart rate and let's you know when you're about to keel over and die. At one point the trainer took me over to an Ab machine and instructed me to sit down then pull a padded bar up to my chest. Easier said than done. I literally had to go into contortions just to get into position. Once adjusting the weights, he instructed me to bend from the waist pushing the padded bar with my chest. To my great dismay, I discovered my stomach oozing out from under the bar hindering me from moving even one inch! (Oh the HUMILIATION!) He suggested we try the Ab bench (for crunches) instead. ~~~ In knitting news, I still have not steamed and seamed my Autumn Cardi. For some reason, I am in a bit of avoidance here. I have a sinking feeling that the set-in sleeves will not set in properly. Send "finishing vibes" my way - please. For the time being, the cardi pieces are sitting in my bedroom occasionally providing a sweet resting place for the cat. In actual knitting news, I've been knitting away on the Stitch Diva Art Nouveau Poncho. Knowing I probably didn't have enough of one color to knit the entire poncho, I knit one skein of a pretty varigated yarn in blues/pinks/peaches/blacks and then added a new skein of solid peach and then went back to the varigated yarn. Not sure if the peach really rings my bell, but since it's not for me, someone is sure to like it - right? I hope to have pictures soon. As I mentioned before, I've been trying to get photos of my mother through the years scanned in for the music montage. Tonight I'll have to make my way into the landfill known as my garage to find the boxes with photos prior to 2000.