AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Got Cable Needle? DATE: 1:08:00 AM ----- BODY:
What do you do if you're at work and forgot your cable needle at home? Use a chopstick of course! Progress on Autumn Cardi Sleeves~ I had mentioned in a previous post that the Short 'n Chic Jacket pattern (aka The Autumn Cardi) called for a lace pattern around the bottom of the body and up the sleeves. Since I choose not to knit the lace pattern (because it looked like crap), I decided to add a cable element up the sleeves. Click here for a Close-up of the cable. I pirated the cable pattern from the Braided Shell pattern in the Little Box of Sweaters. Getting a little more daring, eh Bron? ~~~ Go on over and say "Hi" to a new knit blogger. Suzy over at KnitTime was so sweet to email me and ask if I minded that she named her blog KnitTime (not to be confused with Knit ti-me). Of course I didn't mind; it's all in the hyphen, ya know?! ~~~ From the Ally Archives: