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My kids are lobbying for making Halloween a school holiday. And no wonder after all the festivities of yesterday. The eyes were pretty puffy and the stomachs pretty upset this morning. Of course there was a sugar high hangover too. With costume pieces and candy wrapper strewn around the house, shriveled pumpkins and horror film burn-out - I would say this Halloween was pretty successful (we did forgo the animal sacrifice though). Leading up to All Hallows Eve here we have Pumpkin Central

Son chose to go the whimsical route with a wacky pumpkin face

Daughter went wild and wonderful with her howling wolf pumpkin And Graeme went spooky with his Headless Horseman My daughter also got artistic with one of my white pillowcases to put all her candy haul in. And for all that, I didn't get pics of the costumes. Needless to say between my son and the neighbor kids (and their dad) we were surrounded my grim reapers. My daughter was a hippie. We choose to let Ally retain her dignity and not dress her up this year.