AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: My Wings are Clipped! DATE: 4:42:00 PM ----- BODY:
The home computer is at the doctor again. Printer/Scanner and CPU aren't talking to each other despite my attempts to reinstall the software (humph). I am in the process of gathering tons of photos of my mother through the years and scanning them so I can produce a music montage of her life for her 80th birthday party (the day after Thanksgiving). Of course I have been brought to a standstill due to the aforementioned revolt of my printer/computer. I may end up at Wal-Mart or Kinko's scanning away; hope not, there's nothing like scanning from the comfort of your own home. Anyway, I finished the sleeves to the Autumn Cardi. I am holding off giving any sort of feedback until I can block and seam (not sure if I should panic yet or not...stay tuned). I'll be casting on for the wonderful Art Nouveau Poncho from Stitch Diva Studios - - blogger ain't letting me link. I'll be using some Crystal Palace Waikiki that has been in the Embarrassingly Large Yarn Stash for YEARS! I love the beaded details on the poncho (combining two passions - woot!). We will be going over to join the Family Fitness Center tonight as an early Christmas gift to the four of us. Not sure if this will constitute a life style change for me, but I'll try. The kids, for sure, will benefit.