AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: To all our Veterans... DATE: 1:43:00 AM ----- BODY:
...who have served us well—Thank You! My Grandfather Roy Samuel Niles (on left) - 1896-1979 U.S. Army. Served during World War I — France My Grandmother Margaret Maude Niles Weideman - 1900-1990 U.S. Army Airforce. Served during World War II. When her three boys enlisted, she up and joined the Army at the age of 41! (I love this photo; it's so "posed." Don't you love seeing her three boys pictures lined up on the desk?) My Uncle Edward James Niles (on right) - 1920- U.S. Army Airforce. Served during World War II - European Theatre. My UncleLloyd Roderick Niles - 1924- U.S. Navy. Served during World War II - Pacific Theatre. My Father Ralph Raymond Niles (on left) - 1923-1995 Merchant Marines. In times of war the Merchant Seamen are considered part of the armed forces. My father served during World War II (Pacific Theatre) and The Korean War. On December 29, 1944 my father lost a ship, the Hobart Baker Liberty ship, to a Japanese bomb. The Merchant Marines finally attained Veteran Status for their efforts during World War II in 1988.