AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Cookies DATE: 4:44:00 PM ----- BODY:
I have never considered myself a cook, baker, sous-chef or anything related to the culinary arts—I barely get by (and thank God for microwaves!). Last Friday my office hosted a cookie exchange where each employee brought one or two dozen cookies to eat and share. Not wanting to flake out and show up with store-bought ginger snaps, or worse - buy Costco cookies and put them on a plate thus decieving my co-workers, I decided to try my hand at baking. Reaching deep into the family recipe archives (well, after a few frantic calls and emails to family members) I came up with my Grandmother's Gumdrop Cookie recipe. ~~~ Grandma’s Gumdrop Cookies 1 Cup Butter 1 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Cup Sugar 2 Eggs 2 tsp Vanilla 2 Cups Flour 2 Tbl Baking Powder ½ tsp Baking Soda ½ tsp Salt 2 Cups Oatmeal 1 Cup Coconut (optional, but recommended) 1 Cup Chopped Gumdrops (not Spice Drops - get the fruity ones) 1 Cup chopped Nuts (optional) Cream sugar and butter, add eggs and vanilla and beat well Mix flour, salt, soda and baking powder in a separate bowl and then stir into creamed mixture Add Oats, Coconut, Nuts, and Gumdrops Roll into balls about the size of a small walnut and press flat with fork Bake on lightly greased baking sheet for about 10-14 minutes at 350 degrees Makes about 70 cookies. ~~~ My boss gave me the best compliment, "Wow Marie, you're Grandma sure knew what she was doing!"