AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: I'll have beads all around please... DATE: 9:52:00 PM ----- BODY:
Look what my kids got me for my birthday! That's a nifty carosel with modular trays holding lots of beading goodies. Also, received is a great beading book that I've already used for inspiration. I'm raising a couple of enablers aren't I? Speaking of beading here are a few of my latest projects: Here is a set of stitch markers I sent off to Bliss ( for her birthday. A couple of braceletts I made for my Secret Pal II, Chandra (, and her daughter K. Another bracelett for my sister Vicki given in appreciation for hosting the whole clan for Thanksgiving. And for a special badcat ( for her birthday, a book mark. The large bobble is a piece of Paua (a cousin to abaloni) shell from New Zealand. ~~~ Thanks for all your well wishes for my birtday! I really, really appreciate all my blog buddies. You guys are the best!