AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: It's starting to look a bit more like Christmas... DATE: 1:38:00 PM ----- BODY:
... around the Edmondson house. It has been such a "bah humbug" year for me. Usually, as soon as December 1st rolls around I've got that tree up and carols blaring. Not this year; not sure why - might be that I turned 40, or that money is tight, or that my job is so all-consuming that I can't see past my stapler - who knows. Anyway, just the thought of venturing into the land-fill known as my garage to bring out the tree (artificual = husband's choice) and decorations sent me reeling. My daughter, bless her heart, finally brought out her two-foot fiber optic tree (which has been in her room since last year...) and set it up in the living room. On Saturday Graeme and I made a quick trip to my brother's house (1 1/2 hours away) to pick up my Grandmother's "TV" room furniture. My brother and SIL recently got new family room furniture and offered Gran's old furniture to us. We dumped our living room set off at Goodwill and brought in Grandma's set. We're talking vintage 1950's and really cool. Last night I was so enthused about having a fairly clean living room and new furniture that I actually doned my Haz Mat suit and entered the land-fill for some Christmas decorations. (I still couldn't bring myself to drag out the tree and ornaments though - so the fiber optic tree stays.) Here are a few Christmas "vignettes" I set up: I used to be all "Victorian" with the Christmas decorations, but have since been moving into a more "rustic" direction. I collect Nativity Scenes and this is one of my favorites. Yes, that's the fiber optic tree on the right. It provides quite a light show when it's dark. Although this is not your typical Nativity scene, I like it because it shows Joseph playing with the baby Jesus. Most Nativity scenes focus more on the mother and child and the holiness - but this scene shows the "humanity" of the Christ-child. And here is a "rustic" Father Christmas just hanging out.

Here is one of the chairs, the ottoman and side table from my Grandma's set. That wonderful lamp was made by my Grandfather. Click here to see the other chair and here to see the sofa. The sofa is a bit "saggy" and will need to be reinforced at some point - but I'm loving it just the same. Merry Christmas Everybody!