AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Lookie, lookie - more goodies! DATE: 7:48:00 AM ----- BODY:
Here are some cute, cute ornaments from the fantastically creative Tifff. And you may notice that the ornaments have BEADED detail. And here is a wonderful birthday-Christmas present from the absolutely brilliant Bron. The gift included a chili pepper themed hot pad, to bring a little of the Southwest to Northern California, a stunning BEADED crocheted snowflake ornament, and a fabulous BEADED bracelette, which is sparkling on my wrist right now as I type. Is this a KNITTING blog? I'm starting to wonder. Anyway, I've been plodding along on the Art Nouveau Poncho and I finally found my husband's unfinished multidirectional scarf, which he is anxiously awaiting now that the weather has turned chilly. Have I mentioned that my sister is taking me to Las Vegas for my birthday? My plane leave Saturday morning.