AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: The Curse of the Sweater DATE: 5:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
It looks like I contracted the sweater curse again. After my successful completion of Rosedale* and Marilyn** at the beginning of last year, I have had only frustration after frustration since then.

>>Autumn Cardi - as much as I block and steam, stretch and coerce, I can't seem to get the silly thing to come together;

>>Marta - I picked this put after being in the UFO pile for nine months or so and began knitting away only to discover my tension was off. I tried knitting tighter, looser; nothing worked. It looks totally wonky. So Marta will go to the rip pond too. Not sure if I will restart Marta or use the yarn for another project.

The Sweater Curse didn't extend to vests however. I successfully finished up the Noro vest featured in the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. Of course the vest I knit doesn't show up on the preview page (humph). You'll just have to wait for a pic. The pattern was very straight forward and a fast, easy knit. The allure of Noro Kureyon kept it interesting.

Some other FO's have been my husband's birthday (Multidirectional) scarf, a frou frou birthday scarf for my sister, and a chunky Colinette One-Zero scarf for my Secret Pal III, whom I haven't introduced yet (my BAD!). Pics someday. (If you haven't noticed, in addition to being ho hum, my computer has been out of commission - incompetent idiots at Best Buy - two weeks, two weeks, and they haven't fixed the problem!)

I've cast on for another Art Nouveau Poncho. And I'm on the prowl for a sweater or cardi pattern - I'm going to lick this curse yet!

So it looks like I won't be sporting any new knitwear at Stiches West, but that won't stop me. I'm going shopping Baby and I'm dragging husband along to carry the loot. JenLa is organizing a casual gathering of knit bloggers that Saturday night - you bet I'll be there with knitting needles in one hand and a drink in the other!

I want to introduce my totally awesome Secret Pal III - Pixie of Pixie Purls. It has been a pleasure spoiling her over the last few months. She is a fairly new knitter - but has progressed very quickly. She also has taken up sewing and has been quilting up a storm. Go on over and say "Hi!"

Also, to the wonderful woman who spoiled me during Secret Pals III, Susan of Fluffytoes and Dustbunnies. She tragically lost her father in October and despite that continued to send me thoughtful gifts and notes. Thank you Susan. I hope to meet up with yer at Stitches West.

I wanted to publicly say a big THANK YOU to Bliss for the wonderful Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar she sent me for my birthday.

I think that's it for unfinished business (please let me know if I missed anyone - I've been suffering from dementia a bit lately...). While I have acknowleged gifts and notes directly, I just wanted to post here how much I appreciate the knit blogging community and the friends I have made as a result of this blog.

Until next time - Knit ON!


*I still love and wear my Rosedale at least twice a week!

**I wore Marily once. Have you ever have a piece of clothing that just doesn't do it for you? Well, this sweater is one of those. I just felt dumpy in it; so it's relegated to the frog pond. It was a good learning experience for cabling and seaming though, so not a total loss.