AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Fastest Swatch in the West DATE: 3:10:00 PM ----- BODY:
Well the new sweater project of choice is The Ribby Cardi! Inspired by Sahara and other Ribbies glimpsed around the knit blog world, I decided to give this pattern a try. After downloading the pattern, I clicked on over to for some Peruvian Highland Wool. I chose color #2020 Claret for the body and color #0294 Chocolate Truffle for the sleeves. I couldn't believe it when I saw the receptionist walking down the hallway today with a box that looked suspiciously like it was filled with yarny goodies. I squealed and leaped over my desk to meet him half way. This was my first order with elann, and I was very impressed to receive the order within three days! So the yarn sat by my desk distracting me as I worked. Knowing I didn't have the correct sized needles, I decided to make a quick trip to my LYS during lunch. I am a loose knitter and always have to go down one or two needle sizes to achieve gauge. The Ribby Cardi calls for needle sizes 6 and 7 US, so I sat down at the table and began to knit a swatch with #5's. Too big, so I rip out and begin another swatch on #4's. Meanwhile, my lunch hour is ticking away. I then measure the #4 swatch. What the...? I can't believe it, still too big. Rip. I dubiously take out the #3 needles and cast on for the third time. Ladies and gentlemen, I have never knitted with anything smaller than #5 US; but if I was going to beat this sweater curse, I wasn't going to let a little thing like needle size dissuade me. So I swatched. My needles were flying as I anxiously watched the clock. Quickly now, I laid out the swatch and measured. Ack! It was still just a tad too big, by a half stitch or so. Close enough. I ran out of there with #2 and #3 US size needles. What have I gotten myself into?