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I got tagged by Bron for the knitting meme. Do you knit continental or English? I suppose you'd call what I do English style. I throw. I don't wrap the yarn around any fingers so this may account for my loose tension. I've watched my friend badcat Karin knit Continental, but haven't tried it for myself -- yet. How long ago did you learn to knit? I can remember working on the incredible increasing/decreasing scarf out of industrial grade acrylic when I was about 8 or 9 (I wonder what ever happened to that scarf...). However, my real first introduction to knitting was on my honeymoon when my mother-in-law taught me to knit (English). Then I put the needles down for about 17 years. First FO? Well, other than the incredible acrylic scarf I'd have to say that it was the wool vest I knit while in New Zealand on my honeymoon. It was in a gastly powder blue and very "80's." I think I still have the pattern around somewhere... I finally sent it to Goodwill about four years ago (before I got back into knitting) after having it move with me about 9 times and never being worn. Favorite yarn? I'd have to say wool and wool blends are my favorite. I absolutely love hand-painted varigated yarns. Favorite pattern? I am really enjoying the Ribby Cardi pattern right now (but I'll have to reserve final judgement after it is completed to see if it fits right). A poncho pattern I've knit more than twice is the Cape Bohemia - that was a very fun and quick pattern. Favorite pattern source? The internet baby! I have amassed quite a knitting book and magazine collection, but I must admit, most of the patterns I return to again and again came from the internet. Favorite needles? Addi Turbos for most projects. However, for scarves, my favorites are short, straight Clover Bamboo needles. Nicest thing you’ve ever knit? I would say the Wave & Shell Stole knit from some fabulous hand-painted wool from Over the Rainbow yarns. Most hated project? My first sweater knit from very expensive Colinette yarns. I knitted the short version of the cover sweater on the Colinette Lifestyles Pattern Book. I knit this when I had just gotten back into knitting about three years ago. This was before I realized that gauge was my friend. This sweater is a real knuckle dragger and very wide, with a neckline as big as Lake Tahoe. It has been sitting in my frog pond pile for years. Great yarn and I know I have enough for a sweater...hmmmm. Who are you going to pass this on to? I'm going to pass this on to Susan from FuffyToes and Dustbunnies and Suzy from KnitTime.