AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: So this is love... DATE: 5:47:00 PM ----- BODY:
It has been nearly three years since my husband and I had gotten away for an overnight weekend - alone! You know it has to be love, when your spouse agrees to go to a "yarn convention" and be surrounded by fanatical knitters. Saturday around Noon, we arrive at the Westin and checked in. I knew immediately we were in the right place because of the multitude of novelty scarves draped around necks and many women tucked away in quiet corners knitting. So we just followed the miriad of ponchos and shawls to the convention center next door. The Stitches West Marketplace was a circus. Wall to wall people moving every which way. One saw many people in beautiful hand-knit attire - sweating away! It was so hot in the convetion hall, I was glad I left my Rosedale at home. Later when Graeme and I were discussing the Marketplace he said, "I was just standing there admiring a display when this arm comes out of nowhere and plucks a couple of balls of yarn out from under me." My husband really dislikes crowds and after wandering an isle or two, I could see that glazed look in his eye. So I sent him off on a Diet Coke run. I believe he ran into the same Coke machine the Fickle Knitter is flipping off in her February 13 Stitches report. I enjoyed ebbing and flowing with the crowd. One has to have the right mind-set before venturing into the Stitches Marketplace - kind of like Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I was on the lookout for great bargains, and I found myself thinking, "I could get that cheaper off the Internet, including shipping!" I finally stumbled across some beautiful recycled silk and bought a pound of it. I also bought a couple of patterns. That was the extent of my haul. But I did enjoy fondling many yarns that I've read about on the knit blogs, basking in all the beautiful colors and textures, and admiring the model garments and accessories. At 6:30 that evening we met up with other knit bloggers and headed over to Bennigans for the Dinner-a-long. It was a bit awkward at first, but once we all got settled, conversation began to flow and soon we were gabbing away. Here we are L-R: ME!, Delia, CJ, and J Strizzy. And on the other side of the table L-R: Seltsame, Marissa, Kris, and Jen Unfortunately, I didn't get a good closeup of La, but you can see her way in the back on the right hand side of this pic. And that's my precious husband in the foreground. Thank you dear heart for braving the knitting underworld. I had made up a bunch of stitch markers and passed them around for everybody to pick one. When the topic of knitting technique came up, Delia informed us that she knitted with one needle in her armpit. Intrigued, I asked her to show me. In the words of Mr. Spock, "Fasinating." It really was! Then everybody began bringing out their knitting projects. Very soon, the restaurant manager asked us to move to another booth because it was kareoke night and we were sitting on the stage. Taking pity on my husband, I took this opportunity to say our goodbyes. From what I hear, the company and knitting were great and the kareoke was bad, real bad. After returning to the hotel that evening, I immediate cast on for an envelope bag from my recycled silk. This is actually crocheted, does one actually cast on in crochet? Perhaps, chain up? Anyway, the recyled silk makes a great fabric, kind of rough and dense, perfect for purses. I have made one other and have "chained up" one more. The first two have already been gifted, the third is for me. Tomorrow, I will talk about the rest of the knitti-me and sacto-graeme's weekend getaway.