AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: I'm Back DATE: 12:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
This post has been languishing as a draft for several days now - I suppose I should finish and post... Well, I made it back from the wilds of Wyoming. My mom and sister stayed a few extra days in order to visit the old homestead; I wish I could have taken the time to go with them - but work and family called. As a rule, I don't check my baggage if I don't have to. If it doesn't fit into my little roll away carry-on, it doesn't go with me. Over the years, I have traveled to Europe, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Central America, Canada, Eastern United States...and have never lost luggage, even when I had to check bags due to a longer stay. Well, I had to take a plane from the Denver airport into Riverton, Wyoming. This prop plane was little 19 seater, which didn't have any overhead compartments or storage in the cabin. I was required to leave my roll-away bag at the bottom of the airplane stairs and they would transport the bags in the "trunk" of the plane. After arriving in Riverton, my Uncle (not the dead one) and I were the last de-plane. There was his bag sitting there on the tarmac, but mine was nowhere to be found. How in the world could they loose my bag?! Evidently, the little old lady who had traveled on the same plane mistook my bag for hers, because her bag was still at the terminal! I was able to get her name and address off the suitcase tag and I looked her up in the phone book. After arriving at my Aunt's house, I began to phone her every few minutes (no answering machine). About an hour later, she finally answers. After trying to explain (actually yelling as she was a bit hard of hearing) the situation to her ("who are you?" "how did you get my number?" "what suitcase?") I persuaded her to go look the suitcase she brought home. "Why, I'll be, this isn't my suitcase!" (that's what I've been trying to tell you for the last 10 minutes.) Turns out, she lives about 40 minutes away. My cousin Steve, kindly offered to swing by the "airport," pick up her suitcase and meet halfway to make the switch. Well, I got my suitcase, but when Steve stopped at the "airport" they were closed up until 10:00 pm that evening for the next arriving flight, so she had to make an extra trip back to Riverton the next day. Knitting: I've been working on a throw for the love nest, I mean my bed room. This is knit from stash yarn (Colinette). When I was going through the Embarrassingly Large Yarn Stash trying to find yarns to sell off, I discovered these one-skein wonders would all look good together for a tone-on-tone throw. It has since been ripped out and started again. I realized I had cast on too many stitches (the length of the throw). Stash acquisition: Handpainted DK wool and English Mohair from the fabulous Katsara. I am currently on the prowl for a cardi or pullover pattern. I'm planning on knitting with the two yarns held together. I'm thinking of a V-neck with long or 3/4 sleeves. Swatching to commence soon. Beading: This is a beaded book mark I made for a co-worker's birthday. I love the Spring theme. Also, I don't think I ever showed you the stitch markers I made for the Stitches West Dinner-along. Most of these had mates (2 of each), but each of the ladies at the dinner picked one marker. Ribby Cardi: She's in limbo. Waiting for the right circumstances to commence seaming. Perhaps at the next crafty Sunday at church (first weekend in April-wait that's this weekend!). I just might have an FO for you sometime next week.