AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Knitting Monogamously DATE: 5:56:00 PM ----- BODY:
I have been working on Ribby exclusively for the past week or so, snatching moments of time here and there between work, church and family obligations. Then on Saturday, I had several hours (to myself - gasp!) in which I watched TV and knitted on one Ribby sleeve (I had started knitting both sleeves at the same time, but soon gave that up). I merrily knit along, nearly to the end of the increases when, looking over the pattern again, I realized I had skimmed over this little, but all important, phrase at the end of the sleeve increase section, "Work increased stitches into Rib Pattern as established..." Ack! Here I was knitting a sleeve with nice st st panels on each side of the rib pattern! How could I not notice or realize??? Stuffing the errant sleeve into my knitting bag, I spent the next 12 hours or so deciding if I could live with it or not. I could not, so I ripped the whole sleeve out and started again. Four hours of uninterrupted knitting wasted! I later read on the Ribby Cardi KAL that another knitter had made the same mistake, but she continued on. She says it looks ok (a photo was not available) and I suppose my would too. However, I don't think I could honestly finish my Ribby with the st st panel sleeves and know I did my best. This is just about the same point I was on with the errant sleeve when I ripped it out. Now I'm nearly to the cap shaping on the fully ribbed sleeve. ~~~ Bron recently finished a beautiful freeform crocheted pillow and I had jokingly commented that I would need to have instructions for any freeform knitting or crocheting I would attempt (thus defeating the point of freeform). But lo and behold I found this book on freeform knitting and crocheting. There are some really pretty and intriguing designs and projects that I am anxious to explore. So here's to freeform knitting/crocheting with directions. ~~~ Don't forget my Stash Sale in the previous post below.