AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Delusional DATE: 1:40:00 PM ----- BODY:
What happens when you want something so bad that you begin to create that reality around yourself, deceiving yourself, your family and friends? About 18 months ago K gathered a bunch of friends and family together to make a big announcement. As we raised our glasses of bubbly, she announced that a screen play she had written had been bought by none other than Ford Francis Coppula. In meetings she had with the director, she had been assured that she would be very much involved in the casting and filming of the trilogy. Contracts were generated and we were told big name stars were already signed: Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom. In addition to these well-know actors, K was encouraged to also sign talented friends and family (just to clarify, these friends and family members, of whom I am good friends with, are talented actors in their own right). You can imagine our excitement. The plan was the trilogy would be filmed in New Zealand utilizing Peter Jackson's connections and facilities in Wellington. K and her family would go down about four to six months prior to the commencement of filming then the rest of the cast (i.e. my friends) would follow. The project was expected to take about three years. Having contracts in hand, my friends began to make arrangements for the move (i.e., put in for leave of absences from jobs, etc.). Fast forward 18 months. K and family are still here and telling us that they are waiting for "the call." She explains that the film currently being shot down in NZ is running late and it should be any day now that they will be out of the facilities and K and her crew move in and begin filming prep. One of our friends began to question K and was getting frustrated by her ambiguous answers so he got his lawyer involved. Come to find out the contracts were fraudulent and signatures forged. Mr. Coppula had never heard of K or her screenplay. How could this be? What could cause someone to create such fiction? This woman is a beautiful and talented person and intelligent. She certainly had us all fooled. When I first heard the news, I thought, "Poor K, she need some love and serious help." But then I started thinking of all the ramifications of this charade. M sold his house, R put in for a leave of absence, F quit his job and was working temp until "the call." K's son was applying to NZ universities. NZ housing was being explored - deposits being made. Was K's family involved? Did she pull the wool over their eyes too? What else can I say?