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Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 11:15:22 -0700 (PDT) From: "Marie Edmondson" View Contact Details Subject: Re: Hi Marie :) Hi there! It's so good to hear from you - thanks for checking in. Today is my first day back to work after taking two week's medical leave. They finally did it - ran me into the ground. So now I'm back - so far so good. Here's a rambling synopsis of my health. I'm still severly anemic and popping iron like nobody'sbusiness. I am so tired all the time, it's frustrating- but I must be patient with myself. Still sufferingfrom god-awful headaches and nausia. Trying to make appointments with doctors to get to the bottom of this, but Kaiser drags their feet...I may need surgeryto stem the flow of blood that is causing the anemia(among other things). On the plus side - A/C's in just in time. We're in the 90's now and should be near 100 in a few weeks. New windows should be installed in the next two weeks! You know you have arrived at total "domesticality" when you get excited about a new vaccum or A/C. My house is actually straight! It took me most of the two weeks I was off - between about five naps a day, but I now have a house that isn't too embarrasing if you choose to drop by. I love Dish Network's DVR. I've been taping all theStar Trek Deep Space Nines. ST-DS9 was always on at awkward times when first aired and I never quite got into the characters - but now it's a different story! It's like watching a Star Trek series for the first time. I'm such a geek that I get excited not only about vaccums, but Star Trek (smile). Both daughter and son are caught up inend-of-school-year activities (son's actually graduating from middle school), so that's keeping usbusy. Daughter won an award and we attended the awards ceremony at the State Capitol last night - didn't see Arnold though. Hawaii is still on (and paid for!). We'll be jettingout of here on June 29th! I haven't read any blogs, so I haven't been keeping up with your life - I'll go get a cup of coffee and havea good read. Take care and thanks again for checking in. Hugs! -Marie