AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Hawaii, Part Three DATE: 5:27:00 PM ----- BODY:
One evening, we had the pleasure of attending the Smith's Tropical Paradise Luau and Show. The Smith family certainly has the corner on Kauai attractions, the luau and show being just one event of many. Apparently, Mr. Smith came to Hawaii in the mid- 30's and married an island girl. They started their empire with a little boat with an outboard motor that took sightseeing tours up the Wailua River. And believe it or not, Grandma Smith, all 90+ years of her was there to welcome us to the luau feast! Once you arrive at the Smith's Tropical Paradise and get your photo taken with coconut bra hula girls, you alight on a tram (ala Disneyland parking lot tram), which takes you around the gardens.

We had the opportunity to see a lot of tropical flora and fawna, most of which is not native to Hawaii.

The show as very entertaining. As Bron pointed (no pun intended) out, those coconut bras take perkiness to a whole new level. As there were numerous costume changes and I heard to cries of pain, I can attest they were not stuck on with super glue.

Here we have Tahitian dancers, with the required coconut bra-age. It was good to see they hired "bigger" girls along with the more willowy dancers. And just to make Graeme feel at home, these girls, dressed in traditional Maori costumes, danced the Haka Poi with their twirling poi. Later in the show, they twirled fire-lit poi, for added flare. (An aside ~ when I was a pre-adolesent girl, my next door neighbors took a trip to Hawaii. When they returned, Eugenia and Jocelyn, told tales of the exhotic dancers with their twirling balls. We then got our heads together and began making "poi" out of wads of Kleenex stuffed into a baggie with the tail braided in varigated acrylic yarn.) Graeme was a little disappointed that the men didn't do the Haka (Maori war chant).

One day, towards to end of our stay, we drove up to some of the beautiful waterfalls Kauai has to offer. Here are the Opaeka'a Falls, seen in the movie Blue Hawaii.

And Wailua Falls, best know for their appearance in the opening scenes of Fantasy Island. And as a finale to a our waterfall sightseeing day, we parked along a side road, hiked through a sugar cane field (below, you can see Sarah and Graeme making their way through the cane - believe it or not, there's a trail in there)... ...and came upon Kipu Falls. This photo is taken from across the pool. If you look closely, you can see Gabriel on the far left. Along with the alure of jumping off the 20' cliff, Kipu Falls also has a rope swing. And yes, I jumped. You'll have to excuse the bikini-clad bootay that got in the way of the camera as I plunged to my death... And Knitti-me lives to tell the story.

All four of us jumped - son numerous times - but were too fast to catch good photos.

So ends our Hawaiian adventure 2005. We will return - you can bet on that!