AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Hawaii, Part Two DATE: 3:40:00 PM ----- BODY:
After three days on Oahu, we were more than ready for the REAL vacation to begin. Here's a photo of the condo we rented on Kauai. It wasn't beach front, but we had a nice view of the lagoon.

Adjacent to the our condo property was the Radisson Resort. As an added perk, we were able to take full advantage of all the resort's ammenities. Their pools were fabulous, with waterfalls and even a sandy bottom pool.

The day after we arrived on Kauai, we met up with some more friends who were staying at the Marriott Resort. We had the opportunity to splash around in this fabulous pool too.

Here we are with our friends swim-tired and sun-kissed. The family... For several mornings, Graeme was able to catch some amazing sun rises. Yes, I married an "early bird." I'm usually a "night owl," but lately, with my health issues, I've been more like a "early to bed, late to rise, with a nap in between" kinda gal. Some of the local flora - plumeria - very fragrant and beautiful. One highlight of our trip was the Kauai Tubing Adventure (unfortuately, I don't have any digital photos of this trip). It was great fun floating down old irrigation ditches, tunnels and flumes surrounded by sugan cane fields and beautiful back country scenery.