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Yes I have been knitting. I'm going to be teaching a felted bag class at church in September or October and will be using Julie's most excellent Booga and Sophie bag patterns. Right now I'm test knitting the patterns for timing (I'm an average knitter, so I'm trying to get a baseline on how long each stage of the knitting process will take for each bag). I'm also trying out alternate yarns (I don't think the ladies will want to knit a $30 Noro bag their first time out). I've just finished a Sophie bag knit in Elann's Highland Wool in two different shades of orange, alternating each shade every other row. I'm anxious to see how the Highland wool felts and at $2.25 per skein - that's a pretty good deal. My next "experiment" will be to incorporate random beadage throughout the body of the bag and see how that felts up. With all these Sophie and Booga bags, I'll have a purse for every outfit or a great stash for Christmas pressies. ~~~ I finally got around to finishing the narrative on the Hawaii trip. If you have a few minutes, scroll on down and have a read.