AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Major Abominable Surgery DATE: 9:24:00 PM ----- BODY:
Well, tomorrow I undergo major abdominal surgery. After being up half the night with intense pain, I am so ready to get this over with and move on with my life. I will be in the hospital for three or four days, so will be incommunicado. I may have husband log on just to let you know if I made it through El Surgerio OK. ~~~ In the meantime, I'll leave you with photos of a day trip husband, kids and I took to Squaw Valley. It was a wonderful day taking the cable car up the High Camp and spending the day at the pool. Squaw Valley was the site for the VIII Winter Olympics in 1960. Just walking around, I could imagine what it looked like when beehive hairdos and Nordic knitwear thrived.

They have a 1960 Winter Olympic museum, but I use the word "museum" in the loosest terms. It really was just a bunch of enlarged newspaper clippings and event results set up - not a lot of memorabilia. This was the first Olympics to be televised and they had a big screen TV showing the 1960 Olympic coverage (with the cheesy announcer and silly background music that was so popular in the 50's and 60's - you remember the science films shown in school? Oh, and we had the "Girls" Downhill and the "men's" Slalom.) At High Camp they have a couple of nice restaurants, a year around pool/hot tub and ice skating rink and of course, in winter there's skiing.

Here we are leaving base camp in the cable car. It is about a 10 minute ride ascending over 2000 feet.

We were crammed into the car with about 70 other passengers - standing room only.

Our shadow on the terrain below. We were so high (High Camp being over 8000 feet), that there were still large pockets of snow - in August! These unusual rock formations were used as models for Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railway. Here we are passing another cable car heading down the mountain. Here is the pool at High Camp were we spent several relaxing hours with beautiful views and rich Olympic history. I would highly recommend this trip if you happen to be in Northern California. ~~~ Body of Klaralund is done. First sleeve half done. We'll see if I get any knitting done while in my drugged stupor. Knit On!