AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Mammograms R Us DATE: 3:02:00 PM ----- BODY:
I received a free can of high-end hairspray from my hair stylist the other day. Apparently I had referred someone to my most excellent hair stylist and she gave me free hair product as a thank you. Here I was sitting in the barber chair being shrouded with the sheet when my hair stylist asks, "Have you had a mammogram recently?" What -- am I wearing a badge that says, "I mammogram, do you?" Or do I have the glow of a woman just exiting the radiation chamber? Or is my most excellent hair stylist psychic? Anyway, I answered that yes, indeed, I recently underwent a mammogram. My most excellent hair stylist recounted how a woman, who was a radiology technician, was recommended to my most excellent hair stylist by a patient. However, the radiology technician couldn't remember the patient's name, but the patient was short, with glasses and brownish/auburn hair. My most excellent hair stylist deduced, or psychically divined, that it could only be me. And here's the rest of the story... As any diligent woman, who has passed that magic number 40, should do - I went in for my first mammogram. The technician chatted away, I assumed, to make me feel more at ease. As she pushed and pulled, twisted and mashed my boobs, she commented on how much she like my haircut and color. I mentioned my most excellent hair stylist's name, the salon and it's location and didn't think twice about it (well other than feeling really weird talking about everyday things with my boob hanging out). Apparently this radiology technician moved to Sacramento a few years ago, but was commuting back to the San Francisco Bay Area for her cuts and color, which were becoming more difficult as she made more of a life in Sacramento. Having done the same thing years ago when I first moved to Sacramento from San Francisco, I could totally relate to the radiology technician’s plight. After years of wandering from salon to salon, growing out bad haircuts, I found my most excellent hair stylist. She is a gem and I tout her talents to all who ask – and hey, I got a free can of hair spray out of it too.