AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Button Bonanza and a Contest! DATE: 2:13:00 PM ----- BODY:
While at my sister's home last week, my mom returned from a trip to Baja Mexico where she did volunteer work at an orphanage. You have to hand to my mom, at 80 years she is still active, albeit slower. She'll be home for about two weeks before driving down to Oklahoma and Texas to visit relatives. I spent some time raiding my mom's button box. Most of these buttons belonged to her mom, my grandmother, and are at the very least 40-45 years old and many much older.
Here are some of the larger coat buttons. I was surprised at the amount of plastic used in manufacturing these treasures. But I did find some lovely shell buttons. I want to try my hand at making some jewelry, using an unusual button as the centerpiece.

!!!Blog Contest!!!!

Who can tell me what these medium sized white buttons were used for?

Give your answer in my comments - deadline Midnight, Monday, October 3. The first person with the right answer will receive something of the beaded variety (stitch markers, bracelet, etc.).