AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Klaralund, How I Love Thee DATE: 12:41:00 PM ----- BODY:
Klaralund is finish and she is mighty pretty, even if I say so myself. It will be, however, several pounds before I can lovingly wear her; a good goal, don't you think?

Pattern: Klaralund from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Hand Knitting (Noro) Collection #2.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden colorway #232.

Look what I got in the mail! Four beautiful stitch markers from CJ! I had the pleasure of meeting CJ at the Dinner-a-long during Stitches West last February. CJ is the creator of MarkerMania, a stitch marker swap program. I'll be working up my contribution to the swap sometime this week and sending them off. Thanks again CJ!


My daughter participated in a Summer in the Arts Program sponsored by my church. Here is Sarah and her cohorts practicing for the Youth Band. Our Praise Team, with whom I sing, will be out of a job pretty soon - those kids ROCK! They did a great job at the end of summer recital, with blaring guitars, pounding drums and even a fog machine. All that was missing were the pyrotechnics.

My son Gabriel ran his first skirmish last week. Because I'm currently house-bound, I was unable to attend this momentous event, but Husband took lots of pics. They work and train these Frosh football players hard. Six weeks before his Jr. High School let out for the summer and then another six weeks during the summer, Gabriel participated in football camp, where he worked with weights, learned plays and did whatever else they do for Frosh football training. It certainly made his transition from Jr. High to Sr. High easier. (I really should have talked to him before choosing that jersey number...)

I'm proud of you kids!


And from the Ally Archives:

I was cleaning out the laundry area and put the kid's socks and shorts bins on the floor. Ally immediately took up residence.