AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: The Heart of an Artist DATE: 7:40:00 PM ----- BODY:
My father was a very multi-faceted person. Professionally, he had a lifetime career as a Merchant Seaman. He traveled the world in the bowels of large ships working as a the Chief Engineer. He had visited every Continent in the World before the age of 30 and had traversed the Panama Canal more than 50 times in his lifetime. During times of war, the Merchant Marines we considered part of the armed forces and my father bravely served during World War II, even loosing a ship (SS Hobart Baker) to a Japanese bomb, and during the Korean conflict. But there was another side of my father. You could see him most mornings with his cup of steaming coffee enjoying his Dahlia garden, which he tended with care. Or he would be sequestered in his shop building an elaborate sailing ship model, carving each piece in detail and to scale. He would make up silly songs and sing "A Whale of a Tale" until you begged him to stop - and then he would sing some more. He had an artistic eye. In my last post, after seeing a photo of our new kitty Oliver, Bron asked, "But I gotta ask - what is all that brass behind him - looks like really large caliber bullets!!??" Yes folks, those are indeed really large caliber bullets! My Dad could see beauty in something as ugly and deadly as bullets. This is a photo frame he made (probably in the early 50's). In fact that's him in the picture leaning up against a tree.

~~~ From the Ollie Archives~ A rare moment - sleeping kitty.