AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: The Leaves Have Just About the Right Amount of Crunchiness... DATE: 1:39:00 PM ----- BODY: be so satisfying when you step on them. It's a bit blustery today, but sunny. The Autumn leaves are swirling around and I got that good feeling, after stepping off the curb onto a pile a dried leaves, hearing the crackle and pop. Ah Fall, how I love thee. However, it's still not cold here in Northern California - I'm wearing capris and flip flops today. Anxiously anticipating the chilly days to come, my arsenal of handknit scarves waiting in the wings. Where's the camera when you need it? Badcat Karin and I both brought our kittens to work today. After the boys rolled around the floor play fighting for a couple of hours, we finally found them under Karin's desk curled up asleep together. How precious. despite my continued exhaustion and ongoing physical ailments, I'm beginning to regain my eternal optimism. Life is good today. Have a great weekend everybody!