AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Takin' Care of Business, i.e. It's a Long, Long Post DATE: 9:50:00 AM ----- BODY:
First of all THANK YOU! for all your birthday wishes. And we have a winner for the Birthday Contest! Mz. Badazz herself was the first person to correctly identify the initials (S.M.) on my 1st birthday cake as Sarah Marie. Tashia, send me your mailing address and I'll have your prize winging its way to you. I was born to my parents, Ralph and Sarah, and christened Sarah Marie. My mom had intended that I be called Sarah Marie, but as the years went by, people dropped the Marie and I was known as little Sarah, Sarah Jr. or just Sarah. During the summer between elementary and jr. high school, I decided that I wanted to go by my middle name of Marie. Looking back over my life, this decision was one of the first that shaped my future and helped me form my own identity. It's not that I don't like the name Sarah (I named my daughter Sarah after all), but being the daughter of a very strong and overbearing mother of the same name, it was important to me to have a name I could call my own. I am Marie, but Sarah just happens to be my first name. ~~~ I also want to give a big shout out to all the wonderful people who have signed up on Knitti-me's Frappr Map. I'm up to 25! ~~~ I discovered through comments that the wonderful and talented Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits fame added knitti-ME to her sidebar, "I (heart) Marie at knitti-me - see what waiting to be picked for Jury Duty does to some people and don't miss her Bracelet Tutorial - beautiful!" Thanks Bonne Marie for the kudos. ~~~ Speaking of bracelet tutorial, I have a pdf version of the Multi-Fringed Party Bracelet Tutorial available to anyone who wants one. Just leave your request in comments or email me (marieedmondson AT yahoo DOT com) and I'll sent one over to you. (One of these days I'll figure out, not only how to get my Bloglines RSS feed to work, but how to find a host for pdf formats and links, maybe adding another page to my blog - I am so lame when it comes to html, et. al.) ~~~ We had a really busy weekend leading up to my birth day (Monday). Friday night after work I rushed home to pick up kids and husband and bucked traffic down to the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium to see the musical extravaganza and Christmas pageantry of An Evening in December. We've attended this show every year for about six years and it always jump starts our holiday festivities. After sending daughter Sarah off on her weekend mission trip down to Southern California to work at processing center for Operation Christmas Child, and driving son Gabriel to/from his Performing Arts Stage Craft clinic (courses offered to teens teaching them the ins/outs of stage production, lights, sound, costuming, props, etc.) and running other various errands - was I supposed to put up my Christmas Tree this weekend???! - we met my oldest brother and his wife for an early dinner before going to the John Tesh Concert. Now before you snort in derision, Mr. Tesh really puts on a great holiday show. However, I am not a Tesh groupie, but I am a big fan of one of his back up singers, my niece Christine Miller!

There's only five years age difference between Chris and me. We are more like cousins. It's funny when I leave a voice mail for her, I always seem to say, "Hi Chris, it's Marie, (then in an ominous voice) your Aunt Marie..." Christine just released her Christmas Album, "All is Bright." It's a wonderful compilation of Christmas classics in a smooth jazz format. It's a great album, but of course I'm biased.

Here's my brother and sister-in-law (Christine's parents) acting silly with their backstage passes. OK, on with the busy weekend blow by blow. Sunday dawned bright and clear and after church we rushed home for lunch and then Graeme and I went to Mervyn's (where I subsequently had my meltdown) to get him some duds for my company (semi-formal) Christmas party that evening. We finally arrived at the posh Italian restaurant about 40 minutes late where a rousing game of Jeopardy was in full swing. After a couple glasses of wine and some appetizers, I began to settle down and enjoy myself. I tried to get some pictures from coworkers of the evening (we forget our camera), but have been unsuccessful thus far.

Birthday celebrations have been put on hold for a bit; having a birthday in busy, busy December AND on a weeknight AND not coinciding with a paycheck - well, you get the picture...

This weekend will be dedicated to going to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe, decorating the church sanctuary, caroling, getting ready for the holiday boutique on December 14th and perhaps, maybe, getting MY Christmas tree up - another fun-filled weekend (maybe we should hold another contest to predict the time and place knitti-me has her next meltdown - HA!).