AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: And they're off! DATE: 5:56:00 PM ----- BODY:
Secret Pal 7 is off with a bang! I've already heard from my Secret Pal Gifter through a cute E-card, email and comments. I spent my lunch hour reading my SP Giftee's blog from start to finish! What fun to catch up on a person's life by reading over two years worth of blog posts. Let the spoiling begin! ~~~ Craftwise - I've been knitting and beading here and there, but no pics. I'm a bit frustrated as I get home from work after dark so find it hard to take good photos. And the weekends - they're over before I even realize. I will endeavor to get a little more organized and fit a photo shoot into my busy life. (What really gets me is that I've already given away several beaded items and some scarves without getting photos - ack!) ~~~ Ally is scary right now - she hasn't been groomed in months and is a big hairy, stinky mess. I just made a date for her at the Doggy Day Spa for Saturday, so she'll come home smelling pretty. It will also be good to see her big brown eyes again. I'll try and remember to get before/after shots.