AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: Happy Birthday Baby! DATE: 12:33:00 PM ----- BODY:
Today is my dear husband's birthday! I love you Graeme!


Here are some beaded stitch markers I made a few weeks ago for the craft boutique. The Sunflower markers are a for the "big guns" of kntting needles. They can fit onto a needle up to size 17 and perhaps even a size 19.

These Cat stitch markers are for mid-sized needles, up to 10.5.

Here is one of the bracelets I beaded up and that got away before I could get a really good picture of it. This was made from ceramic beads and silver accents. At my brother's New Years party there was a friend of his family (and I guess she's now my friend) and she flipped out (in a good way) over this bracelet. She collects blue/white pottery and she really loved this look. She has commissioned me to make a matching necklace.


Knitting! While down South I, of course, checked the Yellow Pages for any local yarn stores and found one, Anapalaca Yarns, just a few miles from my Uncle's home in Ventura. I picked up some wonderful hand-dyed yarn from the Schaefer Yarn Company. This is their Elaine Yarn in the Jane Addams colorway from which I knit this quick hat/scarf set.


From the Ally Archives - Scary Ally in all her stinky, hairy glory! It's off to the Doggy Day Spa for you dear pooch.